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Anyanwu is all that is female: She can Birth tribes, heal with kisses, and transform into anything she forces herself to be. Doro is all that is male: He possesses, seduces, hunts, and kills, raising armies and bending empires to his will. One cannot die, the other cannot be killed. They are all that is human and far more. this is the story of their passion and ambition, of a love and hatred that endures from ancient Kush to modern California. And in their mating battle burns the destiny of the world. More... (© Time Warner Bookmark; )

Author Biography:

Born Octavia Estelle Butler on June 22, 1947, in Pasadena, California. She earned an Associates degree at Pasadena City College (A.A., 1968), and attended California State University, and the University of California at Los Angeles, the Open Door Program of the Screen Writers' Guild of America and the Clarion SF Writers' Workshop. Encouraged by master science fiction author Harlan Ellison, she began her writing career in 1970 and made her genre debut with Crossover (1971), the first of many works in which she weaves together African-American history, future soceties and a highly intellectual exploration of the alien perspective. More... (© Scott W. Williams; )

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