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Book Summary:

Shadow of the Dragon (Harcourt, 1993) A Vietnamese teen living in Houston is trying to fit into American society, but the arrival of his cousin from Vietnam throws him into a conflict between gang violence, family loyalty, and the love of an American girl. ALA Best Book for Young Adults; Booklist "Top of the List;" NY Public Library Best book for the Teen Age; Texas Lone Star Reading List; California Young Readers Medal (1996). (© Sherry Garland; )

Book Review:

Sherry Garland's novels always make for good reading because of her ability to weave society's complexities --- always gray areas --- into her plots. Those of us inured to the stress of life in the U.S. probably are not even aware of the churning conflicts acted out behind the closed doors of cultures who, while trying to benefit from the relative upside of a free world, fervently strive to preserve their ancient customs. SOTD is about Vietnamese culture, but its implications are universal. Immigration does not bring chaos to U.S. society, but stereotypes do. The best way to stem the tide is through education, not fear. See reviews of other Garland novels for appropriateness to developmental reading. More... (© Teachers' Reading Resource / Young Adult Fiction; )

Author Biography:

I am a fifth generation Texan, born in the Rio Grande Valley, near the border of Mexico. I am the youngest of nine children. My father was a "tenant" farmer who raised mostly cotton and vegetables. One day a killing freeze came unexpectedly early to the Valley and the vegetables all died. My father lost everything and gave up farming. He worked at many other jobs during his life, but I remember him mainly as a carpenter. He built his last house when he was seventy years old.
     We left the Valley and for a while lived on a small dairy farm in Central Texas. I had my own pet pig, a pet calf, chickens, dogs, and twenty cats! More...

http://www.swiftsite.com/sherrygarland/mybackground.htm (Sherry Garland's Official Web Site)

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