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Theodora Kroeber's The Inland Whale is a fine readable collection of Indian stories, and one of the truly typical ones is the Yurok story called "The Inland Whale." The story's heroine, Nenem, is a very beautiful young woman of a distinguished family, living in a "named house," Pekwoi, on high ground in the river village of Pekwoi. Nenem's father expects the highest "bride price" for his daughter but, needless to say, Nenem fals in love with a handsome young man from a humble family, living in an unnamed house near the river. When Nenem finds herself pregnant, the lovers ask the family's permission to marry, the young man even offering to indenture himself in payment; but the situation explodes into disaster. More... : Lifeways of California's Indigenous People by Tad Beckman; )

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Author Biography:

Theodora Kroeber-Quinn was born on March 20, 1897 in Denver, Colorado to Emmett and Phebe Kracaw. She acquired her Master's Degree in 1920 in Clinical Psychology from the University of California. She was married to three different men; Clifton Brown, Alfred Kroeber and John Harrison Quinn, two of which preceded her in death. With these three men she had four children; Clifton, Theodore, Karl and Ursula LeGuin. Her first publication was in the American Anthropologist in 1926 with Forrest Clements and Sara Schenck. Whenever she was able, she accompanied her husband in the field, from which several books were produced. More... (© EMuseum;)

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