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Manny Hernandez's dad is always calling himel perico, or "the parrot," from a Mexican saying about a parrot who complains how hot it is in the shade while all along he's sitting in the oven and doesn't know it. But Manny, wanting to be smarter than the parrot, struggles with the awkwardness of adolescence as he searches for acceptance and becomes a vato firme,a stand-up guy. More... (Harper Children Reading Group Guide;)

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Victor Martinez says that his background “makes up the stuff of his work.” Born and raised in Fresno, California, the fourth in a family of twelve children, he attended California State University at Fresno and Stanford University. Mr. Martinez has also worked as a field laborer, welder, truck driver, firefighter, teacher, and office clerk.
Victor Martinez’s poems, short stories, and essays have appeared in such prestigious publications as Si, El Andar, The Bloomsbury Review, and the High Plains Literary Review. Victor Martinez lives with his wife in San Francisco. More... (HarperChildrens.com;)

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