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The Piano Lesson begins at five o’clock in the morning. Boy Willie and Lymon appear and knock on the door until Doaker wakes up and lets them in. They wake up the entire house, then reveal their true reason for visiting. Boy Willie wants to sell Berniece’s piano in order to buy Sutter’s farmland. Berniece refuses, although she never uses it. Sutter’s ghost appears to Berniece. Avery stops by to pick up Berniece, and Boy Willie and Lymon head out to sell watermelons. Three days later, Wining Boy visits as well. The men sing a song, then talk about the family history. As Boy Willie and Lymon try to move the piano, Sutter’s ghost is heard, then appears to Maretha. More... (A Train Ride Though A Millenium; )

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August Wilson (b. 1945) was born in a Pittsburgh ghetto known as the Hill where he attended public schools. Disillusioned by the pervasive racism of several schools, he dropped out at age sixteen and worked at menial jobs. He nevertheless pursued a literary career, reading widely in the local library, where he discovered and was encouraged in his own literary aspirations by the writers of the Harlem Renaissance and other African American writers. Drawn to the theater and inspired by the civil rights movement, in 1968 Wilson founded the Black Horizons Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. More... (© LitLinks; )

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