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Nnu Ego is the daughter of a great Nigerian chief. She is expected to have many sons. With her first husband who beats her, she has no children. She leaves him and is married to a man who works on the coast in a British colony. Her life there is miserable. She and her husband slowly lose their village values and begin a daily battle for food and money. more... (© Literature, Arts and Medicine Database; )

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Buchi Emecheta was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1944.
She married as soon as she left school, aged sixteen, and had two children. Her husband went to study in London and she joined him in 1962, travelling by boat with her children.
When she came, she expected to spend two years studying librarianship, but she has spent almost forty years living mainly in England. After her arrival she had three more children and had to give up her job as a librarian so that she could take care of them.
The critical moment came when her husband refused to read her first novel and then burnt it. She realised just how important it was to her to write.... She left her husband, taking the children with her. She then had to write in order to support the family. More... (© BBC World Service)

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