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From Aztec princess to slave and concubine, Hummingbird - or Huitzitzilin in her native Nahuatl - recounts her life during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Expressing a confidence and freedom that women have strived for centuries to attain, Huitzitzilin passionately relates her tale of Father Benito, the priest who seeks to confess and convert her, to offer her an absolution she neither needs nor wants. Instead, she forces him to see the conquest for the first time, through the eyes of the conquered. In this lyrical and mesmerizing tale, Limon pays homage to pre-Colombian woman, celebrates the endurance of the human spirit in the face of cataclysm and mourns our collective loss of treasures more valuable than all the plundered gold. © Hermana.com

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Graciela Limón, a Mexican-American native of Los Angeles, began writing fiction late in life. She brings her experience and knowledge to her novels of Mexican history and culture. Her latest novel, the Song of the Hummingbird, is the story of the life of an Aztec princess made a slave and concubine during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. More... (La Prensa San Diego; )

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