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The narrator talks about her life as a slave. One day she decides she can't take life anymore and tries to kill herself and her children. The children survive but she dies. All she can do from now on is observe her children. We get to know mainly the life of her favorite child, Always. With the end of slavery comes also prosperity to her children. A moving novel giving a terrible insight into the lives of the slaves. More...

http://www.educeth.ch/english/readinglist/cooperj/ (The English Page)

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Author Biography:

Joan California Cooper first found recognition as a playwright. The author of seventeen plays, she was named Black Playwright of the Year in 1978. It was through her work in the theater that she caught the attention of acclaimed poet and novelist Alice Walker. Encouraged by Walker to turn her popular storytelling skills to fiction, Cooper wrote her first collection of short stories, A Piece of Mine in 1984. More...

http://voices.cla.umn.edu/authors/JCaliforniaCooper.html (Voices From The Gaps)

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