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Gordon Parks' autobiography, first published in 1966, tells how the author managed to escape the poverty and bigotry around him, and launch his distinguished career as a photographer , by choosing the weapons given him by "a mother who placed love, dignity, and hard work over hatred". © Minnesota Historical Society

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Gordon Parks is a creative genius, an award-winning photographer, writer, and film maker. All told, Parks published 12 books, including three autobiographies. He is a composer of orchestral music and film scores, plus he wrote a ballet, Martin, about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In his many endeavors Parks further earned a reputation as a renaissance man. He was the first African American photographer to work at Life and Vogue magazines, and the first African American to work for the Office of War Information and the Farm Security Administration. More...

http://www.gale.com/free_resources/bhm/bio/parks_g.htm (Gale Group)

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