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Yoshiko Uchida tells the story of Hana Omiya, a Japanese woman who comes to the United States as a "picture bride"—a woman whose marriage is arranged by family members through an exchange of photographs. The novel follows Hana's experiences, beginning with her arrival in San Francisco in 1917 and continuing through her family's relocation to a Japanese internment camp in Utah in 1943. Her expectations of life in the United States change constantly, causing her to adapt to America on her own terms.

(McDougall Littell)

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Yoshiko Uchida was born in Califonia. During World War II, she and her family were sent to an internment camp along with other Japanese Americans. Uchida was eventually allowed to leave the camp to study at Smith College. In 1952 she received a fellowship to go to Japan and collect folk tales. Her travels deepened her respect for her ancestors' culture. Picture Bride portrays what many Japanese women might have experienced when they first arrived in America in the early 20th century.

(McDougall Littell)

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