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Wuthering Heights is the only novel of Emily Brontë, who died a year after its publication, at the age of thirty. A brooding Yorkshire tale of a love that is stronger than death, it is also a fierce vision of metaphysical passion, in which heaven and hell, nature and society, are powerfully juxtaposed. Unique, mystical, with a timeless appeal, it has become a classic of English literature. (© Amazon.com)


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Author Biography:

Emily was born in 1818, and lived at the parsonage in the Yorkshire village of Haworth with her two sisters Charlotte and Anne, and her brother Branwell. She and Charlotte were educated for a time at Cowan Bridge School, where the harsh regime marked them and appears in their writings. Their imaginations ran wild at home, and they amused themselves with fantasy worlds, populated by toy soldiers - Emily's 'Gondal' adventures turned up in her later poems. After the publication of her only novel, 'Wuthering Heights' under the pseudonym of 'Ellis Bell' in 1847, Emily aroused great literary interest. She died the year after it was published, on 19th December, 1848. (The Emily Bronte Page - this site has disappeared )

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