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Caribbean-born Cond‚ (Segu, 1987; The Children of Segu, 1989; and see below) gives questionable life to Tituba, one of the accused and subsequently released witches of Salem, in a novel of some conflicting purpose. In a lengthy afterword that includes an interview with the author, Cond‚ claims to be expressing her opinion about present-day America, where ``little has changed since the days of the Puritans''; to be writing a postmodern mock epic in which she parodies the heroic epic--and contemporary feminism; and to be giving Tituba ``a reality that was denied to her because of her color and her gender.'' But these authorial claims and results seem frequently at odds in this story of Tituba, born on the island of Barbados to a slave raped by a British seaman. More...

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Author Biography:

Maryse Condé (Philcox) was born in Pointe-à-Pitre in 1937. She was the eldest in a family of eight children (4 boys and 4 girls). Her parents come from Guadeloupe and she left home when she was sixteen to continue her studies in France. In 1959 she married Mamadou Condé, an actor from Africa. She then lived in the Ivory Coast and taught for a year in Bingerville. Later, she set out on her own for Ghana. In the 1970's she left Africa to settle in France. In 1982, she married Richard Philcox, the English translator of the majority of her novels. In 1985 she obtained the Fulbright scholarship to teach in the United States and stayed in Los Angeles for a year. In 1986 she returned to Guadeloupe. She now (1997) teaches at the French and Romance Philology Department of Columbia University in New York. More...

http://www.arts.uwa.edu.au/AFLIT/CondeMaryseEng.html (University of Western Australia)

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