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Description of the Play:

Dr. Thomas Stockmann, a public-minded doctor in a small town famous for its public baths, discovers that the water supply for the baths is contaminated and has probably been the cause of some illness among the tourists who are the town's economic lifeblood. In his effort to clean up the water supply, Dr. Stockmann runs into political cowards, sold-out journalists, shortsighted armchair economists, and a benighted citizenry. His own principled idealism exacerbates the conflict. The well-meaning doctor is publicly labeled an enemy of the people, and he and his family are all but driven out of the town he was trying to save. (© New York University)


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Author Biography:

Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien on the 20th march 1828. His father Knud Ibsen ran a varied business in the town’s market square and owned a large distillery. Knud Ibsen was for a number of years one of Skien’s highest taxpayers.

In 1833, Henrik Ibsen’s father bought Venstøp farm on the outskirts of Skien as a summer home for the family. However, just two years later he ran into financial disaster. He was forced to sell everything he owned by auction but managed to keep Venstøp. The family moved there in 1835. More...

http://www.ibsen.net/fylkesmuseet_en.htm (Ibsen Initiative in Skien)

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