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Description of the Book:

West with the Night is an exceptional autobiography filled with a strong spirit, fascinating events, and beautiful words. Beryl Markham was raised by her father on a large farm in British East Africa in the early twentieth century; as a child she preferred spear hunting with the native Muranis to her school lessons. At seventeen, when her father lost their farm and went to Peru, she chose to stay in Africa and began a highly
successful career as a race horse trainer. In her twenties she gave up horses and started flying airplanes, becoming the first woman in East Africa to be granted a commercial pilot's license, then the first woman to fly the Atlantic from east to west. More...

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN%3D0865471185/ (Amazon.com)

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Author Biography:

Although she was the very first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean the "hard way" - against the headwinds - the name Beryl Markham is not a familiar one. Unfortunately, this is often the case for many great female aviators, but as more information becomes available, this is slowly changing. Beryl Markham's name will forever be associated with thoroughbred horses, her book WEST WITH THE NIGHT, and doing it "the hard way."

Taken as a young child to British East Africa, Beryl was left by her mother to be raised by her father and the African house-servants. Having grown up among the native Africans on her father's farm, Beryl possessed a bond with the African culture, as well as an inherent will to survive. Beryl's father, Charles Clutterbuck, who successfully trained thoroughbreds for the Nairobi racing scene, contributed to his daughter's superb horsemanship. Her ability to ride, coupled with her skill as a hunter, which she learned from her African companions, made Beryl Markham a noted personality among the great white hunters of the time. More...

http://library.thinkquest.org/21229/bio/bmark.htm (Women in Aviation)

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