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Houseboy is written in the form of a diary kept by Toundi, an innocent Cameroonian houseboy who is fascinated and awed by the white world, the world of his masters. When the head of his mission is killed in an accident, Toundi becomes the "boy" of the local Commandant. In an effort to improve himself, Toundi studies his new world closely---too closely. Gradually his eyes are opened to its realities, and in the end it destroys him. More...

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Oyono, Ferdinand Léopold , 1929–, Cameroonian statesman and novelist writing in French. After studying in Africa and in Paris at the Law School and the National School of Administration, he joined the Cameroonian diplomatic corps, served in various African and European countries, and was director-general of UNICEF. He later served (1984–85) as ambassador to Great Britain and afterward returned to Cameroon to serve in the government there. While a student in Paris in 1956, he wrote two anticolonial novels that have been acclaimed for their satiric brilliance, Houseboy and The Old Man and the Medal. He followed these in 1960 with The European Road.

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