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Critical Consumerism


In the following lessons, students will learn about the persuasive techniques used by advertisements. They will identify these techniques in print and TV ads and then analyze the messages of the ads.

Activity: Persuasive Techniques (50 minutes)
  • Quickwrite #5: Think of a time when you wanted to convince your parent to let you do something. What did you do to persuade him or her?
  • Discuss answers as teacher lists the techniques on the overhead projector. Students will generate a good list of techniques such as logic, threats, facts, appeal to emotions: guilt, affection, etc.
  • Definition: persuasion, add to vocabulary list
  • Distribute and review WORKSHEET 5 Argumentation and Persuasion. worksheet_5.pdf
  • Ask the students to write a paragraph in which they use each of these techniques to convince a reader that they should buy a certain brand name product, i.e. a pair of Nike shoes or a that they should use the Google search engine or eat at McDonald│s, etc. (They should not identify which technique is being used.)
  • Students exchange paragraphs with one of their group│s members and identify techniques generated in the previous exercise as ethos, pathos, or logos.
  • At the bottom of their partner│s paper, students will write a paragraph in which they explain which technique was most effective in their opinion.
  • Optional: Volunteers share paragraphs.
  • Discuss: How many people though logos was the most effective? Pathos? Ethos? Explain.

Daily Lessons
 Lesson 1
  Lesson 2
  Activity: Assignment Review
  Activity: Corporate Alphabet
  Activity: TV Inventory
Lesson 3
  Activity: Techniques
   Activity: TV Ad Analysis
  Homework Assignment
  Activity: Print Ad Analysis
   Homework Assignment
  Activity: Ads Sell Image
  Activity: Cigarette Ads
  Activity: Adbusting
 Lesson 4
  What do Teens Value?
  Activity: Cool Is. . .
  Activity: Video Viewing
Lesson 5
  Activity: Music Video Analysis
  Activity: Videos vs. Real Life
  Activity: Deconstruction
  Final Projects
  Persuasive Essay
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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
Critical Consumerism: Advertising and Teen Culture

Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: 9th
Lesson Plan Author:
Jill Flaningam