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Democrady: Campaign Financing

How can democracy function if candidates for public office are dependent on interest groups for campaign funding?

The purpose of this unit is to examine the relationship between democracy and the present election process in the United States, especially the reliance of politicians on interest group campaign contributions and what that means for democracy.

Students will need to know:

  1. the rules about campaign funding and expenditures
  2. how much candidates rely on interest groups for campaign finances
  3. the impact of campaign contributions on decisions legislators make and its concomitant impact on government policy
  4. the impact on campaign contributions on office holders
  5. the impact of campaign contributions on democracy
  6. alternatives to the present campaign financing structure.
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Student Activities II
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OUSD Curriculum Unit
Democracy and Campaign Financing in the United States

Subject: History
Grade Level: 12th
Lesson Plan Author:
Maryann Wolfe