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Democrady: Campaign Financing


The essential question: 'Can democracy function when candidates depend upon campaign finances from interest groups' was asked because there is a political malaise in the United States that needs to be addressed if participatory democracy is to survive. Research by political scientists suggests that since Watergate Americans have become more negative about and less trustworthy of American politicians; as this mistrust accumulates, it has the adverse impact of reducing the American public's interest in political activity, as evidence by the declining percentages of citizens voting in national elections. As more and more Americans retreat from the political process, the opportunities for elitist governing multiply and obviously put our system in jeopardy. My students are bright, idealistic, and diligent and might be "turned off" by the state of American politics, so I think it incumbent upon me to teach them about the problem of citizen apathy and/or disgust which has resulted from flaws in our system and point them to possible solutions to these problems as well as encourage them to create their own. After all, what's at stake here? Only the future of the Republic! Remember, Ben Franklin once said when asked what kind of governmental system we had, "A Republic, madam, if you can keep it."

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OUSD Curriculum Unit
Democracy and Campaign Financing in the United States

Subject: History
Grade Level: 12th
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Maryann Wolfe