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In this six-week unit, students learn to compare and contrast life outcomes based on the life experiences and decisions involving making moral choices and defining values by the two main characters in Shadow of the Dragon . This book illustrates both success and failure in the Vietnamese immigrant culture in the United States. Students are asked to reflect actively on how the author creates characterization through description, dialogue, action and interior monologue. A subset of the unit is the creation of imaginary superheroes who heal social issues that appear in this novel and a suggested film, "Good Morning, Vietnam": hate crimes, gang activity, terrorism, and crimes against women.

Essential question:

How does the characterization of the two main characters Danny Vo and Sang Le Ly illustrate challenges of immigrants from war torn countries?

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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
Shadow of the Dragon
by Sherry Garland
Subject: English/ELD
Grade Level: 9th

Lesson Plan Author:
L. Delaney
School: Skyline High