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Human Rights

Human Rights and the United Nations

This unit is a unit in the 10th grade World Cultures class. I plan to teach it throughout the year in three parts, the middle of first semester, early in second semester and at the end of the year in an exposition in Mock Session of the United Nations. The exposition is a oral presentation of a written policy proposal arguing a particular countrys position on a current human rights issue and designed to avoid violent intra-national or global conflict. The two lessons before the Mock Session are designed to scaffold learning by teaching the purpose of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the procedures of the United Nations, the elements of an excellent oral presentation and the process of writing a good term paper, the written proposal.


How can humans resolve global and intra-national conflict short of resorting to violent war and conflict?



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OUSD Curriculum Unit
Human Rights and the United Nations

Subject: World Cultures
Grade Level: 10th
Lesson Plan Author:
Patricia Arabia