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Student Interview : Reflections on the Project

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The portfolio includes student resumes, recommendation letters, an autobiographical book, and business cards designed by the student. The mock orals and dress for success interviews are designed to prepare the student for high school exit and future employment. The relationship between the essential question and the portfolio is the student's ability to recognize obstacles that constrict knowledge, and demonstrate that acquired knowledge motivates interests and boosts self-esteem. Therefore, education or acquired knowledge (portfolio) eradicates (the essential question) denied humanity.


Silent sustained in-class reading, oral reading for comprehension and literary discussions, offered the students an opportunity to review and discuss the readings.

Peer sharing and interview practices offered the students an opportunity to critically think about their inferences, generalizations, and conclusions, and afforded them an opportunity to change their views.

The computer generated narratives and essays simplified the writing process, and aided the students in improving their writing skills.
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Lesson Before Dying
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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
A Lesson Before Dying
by Ernest Gaines
Subject: English/ELD
Grade Level: 9th

Lesson Plan Author:
Mary Scott
School: Skyline High School
Organization: OUSD