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House on Mango Street


Teacher Interview:

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"What quality of will must a Negro possess to live and die with dignity in a country that denied his humanity? (341"

Richard Wright. Black Boy


1. What is a human right?

2. How do you define Justice?

3. What is the relationship between injustice and self-esteem


Teacher Interview : Self-Esteem

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The themes incorporated in this unit are the primary focus of the lesson. The themes are designed to assist the student in learning the basic fundamentals of racism, discrimination, stereotyping, and internal oppression. In conjunction with the novel, this unit guides the lesson for teaching students how to develop their social skills and self-esteem. Thus, the unit informs their ethical, moral and cultural awareness

The following themes and content standards are used as guides to help the students focus on their own self-esteem, self-motivation, and self-direction awareness.

  • Social Justice: Ethics is an area where students tend to lack social awareness.

  • Social Transformation: Moral values development is an area where students can expand their (social consciousness) awareness.

  • Social reconciliation: Loyalty to self and other people is an area where students can develop integrative awareness (integrate newly acquired knowledge with prior life experiences for improving ones own social interactions with other people).
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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
A Lesson Before Dying
by Ernest Gaines
Subject: English/ELD
Grade Level: 9th

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Mary Scott
School: Skyline High School
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