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House on Mango Street

Student Writing 3

What Level of will would it take to restore what they had lost?

It will take plenty of time and effort to restore what they had lost because, they had lost their freedom and of course they felt sad and angry. Jefferson had lost everything that he had. He was called a hog and that made him feel even more helpless.

It would take a lot of effort to restore Jefferson's self-confidence and pride. Since there was nothing he could do, he could have had more support from friends and family. All they needed to do was to get him to think about the good times that he had in life and how great it was to be alive.

Mr. El-Amin had lost his pride and joy. He fell into deep depression and did not feel like living anymore. He just thought about the bad things and did not think about the possibility that he could feel better about himself.

In Mr. El-Amin's case there was a way for him to regain his self-confidence and determination. He just did not have the right materials at the time. His lawyer seemed to be against him, so he felt very betrayed. The justice system caused him to loose hope, and he was on death row. If he had more support and a better lawyer that was not working against him, then he could have gained self-confidence and joy, because would know that everyone was on his side. Therefore, there would be no way for him to want to die if that had happened.

In conclusion, Mr. El-Amin and Jefferson's case were not the same, but the way they felt about their situations was the same. They both gave up hope and lost their pride. They did not feel like living anymore because they thought that there was nothing that they could do to prove they were innocent. There was nothing that Jefferson could do, but he could have had more support and he died with pride by having more people come and visit him, tell him positive things, and that he will be loved. Mr. El-Amin just did not have the right materials to defend himself at the right time. If he had more people on his side and a better lawyer then he would have felt more confident about the case. If he knew that people were on his side then he would not have felt down and wanted to die. More money could have made him feel better and he could have gotten a better lawyer. So their situations were different, but the feelings were the same for both of them.

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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
A Lesson Before Dying
by Ernest Gaines
Subject: English/ELD
Grade Level: 9th

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