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House on Mango Street

Detailed Instructions of each day: Day Three

Materials Needed:

  • Extra copies of Student Handout # 3 for those who were not in class earlier or who forgot to bring theirs in

Students will break into groups. Each will join the other students in class who read the same page of King quotes as s/he did. (For example, all students who read page one of Handout #3 will be in one group, all who read page two will be together, and so on.)

Tell students to turn to page 9 of Handout #3 and to follow the instructions listed under the heading, “Classwork.” You may need to guide them through these instructions at the beginning of class. I recommend that you closely monitor groups as they work, guiding students through the process and their effort to interpret King’s ideas within a historical context.

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Urban Dreams
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Hidden In Plain Sight -
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s
Radical Vision
Subject: U.S. History
Grade Level: 11th

Lesson Plan Author:
Craig Gordon
Organization: OUSD