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Student Handout #1

Your teacher will give you an article called “The Dream That Moved America.” Write any information the article provides about Martin Luther King’s ideas.  As you did when viewing TV news stories on Dr. King, sort the ideas into the two columns below.   Remember to write down only what the article tells you about King’s ideas, not other facts about his life or his personal and leadership qualities. 

King’s Ideas I ALREADY Knew About

King’s Ideas I did NOT know before

When you finish the article answer the following three questions:

1. The article quotes people who say that much of King's message has been forgotten. Does the article help to remedy the problem?  Explain. 

2. The Oakland Tribune printed this article, too, but cut out all of the text appearing after the first paragraph in column three above. Do you think that changes the article's point?  Explain. 

3. Should King's birthday be mainly an occasion for celebrating his life or should we also learn about other people who fought (including many who died) in the freedom struggle of the 1950s, 60s and 70s?  Explain.

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