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Yhemes of Love and Death in Sula
Vocabulary and Log Assignments - Part I
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1918 pp.3-6
Literary Terms: Flashback, Setting, Theme, Image,

Sula Log: Love in my life so far

Vocabulary: raze, cosmetology, literally, consolation

Discussion: Why do the people of Bottom retell this joke on themselves?

Images: Bottom
1919 pp 7-16
Literary Terms: Character, Characterization, Symbol

Sula Log: Death in my life so far

Vocabulary: encounter, accommodate, exhilarated, equilibrium, hysteria, anxiety, manipulation, intricate, unequivocal, insinuated, abated, apprehension, skittish, tranquil

Discussion: "It had to do with making a place for fear as a way of controlling it." (Sula p 14)
"It was not death or dying that frightened him, but the unexpectedness of both." (Sula p.14)
How do these sentences explain why Shadrack created National Suicide Day?

Images: Horror of war, treatment of mentally ill

Timeline: First National Suicide Day: January 3, 1920
1920 pp 17-29
Vocabulary: indifference, quell, lurked, oppressive, accost

Map: Ohio to New Orleans

Images: Train experience

Discussion: What do you know about Jim Crow Laws?

Activity: Power Point presentation and accompanying assignment: "There was a certain kind of fire that no water could put out." Words and Images from the Civil Rights Movement 1955-1968

Alternative assignment: Students write imaginary journal entry describing events and emotions of day as a demonstrator,
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The Theme of Love in Sula
The Theme of Death in Sula
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Urban Dreams
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Themes of Love & Death in Sula
Subject: English
Grade Level: 9th

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