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Yhemes of Love and Death in Sula
1922 pp.49-66
Vocabulary: definitively, epithet, sinister, enterprises,
delirium, profound, awry, intimacy, consistent, harassing, pervasive, concurred, acquiesced, sauntered, defiling

Discussion: Was Sula guilty in any way? Why didn’t the girls tell what had happened?
Images: Chicken Little’s death, funeral

Death Chart: Chicken Little drowns

Timeline: Chicken Little drowns

Music: "Shall We Gather at the River?"

Sociogram: Fill in names of people who have come up in the novel so far and their relationships to Sula.

1923 pp. 67-78
Vocabulary: indisputable

Discussion: Why is Eva so upset by Hannah’s questioning her about her love for her children?

Images: Eva abandoned with children; Sula’s birthmark; Hannah’s death

Love Chart
:1. Hannah questions Eva, "Mamma, did you ever love us?"(Sula p.67) and Eva responds, "...I stayed alive for you..." (Sula p. 69)
2. Eva risks life jumping out window to save Hannah

Death Chart: Hannah dies in yard fire

Discussion: Why is Eva so upset by Hannah’s questioning her about her love for her children?

1. 1895: Boy Boy had abandoned Eva and children
2. Hannah dies in yard fire

1927 pp.79-85
Vocabulary: stamina, fatigue, enviable prosperity, euphoria, venture, industrious, mischievous, litheness

Sula Log: Describe a dream wedding

Image: Symbol for Nel and Jude’s wedding

Timeline: Nel and Jude marry, Sula leaves
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The Theme of Love in Sula
The Theme of Death in Sula
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Urban Dreams
OUSD Curriculum Unit
Themes of Love & Death in Sula
Subject: English
Grade Level: 9th

Lesson Plan Author:
L. Delaney
School: Skyline High