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Yhemes of Love and Death in Sula
1937 pp .89-111
Vocabulary: excesses, trivial, phenomenon, annihilate, slovenliness, legitimacy, inadequacy, complicity, intractable, insouciant, strident, malevolent

Images: gray ball, Jude’s tie

Death Chart: Sula puts Eva in an institution

Timeline: Sula returns, Jude leaves Nel after affair with Sula

1939 pp. 112-137
Vocabulary: predilections, deterrent, precisely, substantially, inclination, immersed, vulnerability, contrived, self-indulgence, naiveté, aesthetics, raucous, irony, abiding, distinct, elusiveness, vengeance reverie, perusal, emit, tangible, consumed, subdued

Sula Log: Possible character name associations:
Eva – Eve, first woman
Peace – ironic
Boy Boy – immature
Helene – Helen of Troy – powerful woman
Wright –" right", good
Hannah – Biblical Hannah also had many men
Plum – sweet, goes bad
Sula – African roots
Nel – old-fashioned, sweet
Jude – Judas, betrayer
Deweys – Huey, Louie and Dewey
Tar Baby – ironic
Shadrack – survived fire in Bible (Book of Daniel Chapter 3 Verses 1-30
Ajax – Greek hero or Albert Jacks, ordinary

Discussion: What ended Ajax’ and Sula’s love?

Images: Sula’s changing birthmark, Ajax’ driver’s license

Love Chart:
1. Sula sexually promiscuous "...trying them out and discarding them... (Sula p. 115)
2. Ajax and Sula

1940 pp.138-149
Vocabulary: resentment, inflection, unassailable

Image: Sula’s again changing birthmark

Love Chart: Nel shows forgiveness, visits Sula

Death Chart: Sula dies of illness "completely alone...free of the possibility of distraction." (Sula p. 148)

1941 pp. 150-162
Vocabulary:: flaccid, malevolence, dirge, steeping, dwindled, relinquished, compulsion, unsullied, unimpassioned

Discussion: How is what happened at the tunnel related to the Civil Rights Movement?

Image: Tunnel

Death Chart: People of Bottom

Death of people of Bottom in tunnel demonstration

1965 pp162-174
Vocabulary: sludge, luxurious, tranquility, serenity, contentment

Image: "A soft ball of fur broke and scattered like dandelion spores in the breeze." (Sula p. 174)

Love Chart: Nel realizes her truest affection has been for Sula

Death Chart:
1. Eva dies of old age
2. the Bottom changes
Timeline: Eva dies
Sociogram: Complete
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The Theme of Love in Sula
The Theme of Death in Sula
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Urban Dreams
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Themes of Love & Death in Sula
Subject: English
Grade Level: 9th

Lesson Plan Author:
L. Delaney
School: Skyline High