Where do you go when your
community crumbles?
9 Min, 23 Sec

Students in Mary Maultsby’s U.S. history and government classes were learning about social justice issues and compared services provided in their community to services in communities in San Leandro and Livermore, California.

They researched and discovered that in neighboring cities, most of the money for services comes from sales tax generated through businesses that don’t exist in many Oakland neighborhoods, such as shopping malls and grocery stores.

Their investigations also revealed that politicians respond to districts with a high percentage of voters and where community members are united and committed to change.

Excerpt from the students’ concept paper: Youth need to know the fundamentals of the economy in their society. As they grow older, they are aware of the continuous reduction of community activities, employment and resources. They recognize the significant increase in citywide filth, drug activity and violence. Oakland youth are concerned about the future of their city, but many feel they have no power to make social change. Our goal is to raise youth and community awareness through realistic discussions and offer practical suggestions for citizens to start rebuilding the city of Oakland.

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