The Lost Youth
11 Min, 34 Sec

Jan Hunter teaches English and uses drama to engage students in writing. Students brainstormed ideas, conducted research, developed concepts and improved script writing skills. They combined feature film and documentary-style filmmaking while investigating issues of youth violence and teen pregnancy

Excerpt from the students’ concept paper: The media frequently reports the consequences and the statistics of youth involved with negative activity. What we don’t see are the personal stories of the young people involved. We will dramatize how youth get involved with the negative and how things can go wrong. Our video is about the lack of positive choices for the youth of Oakland and how limited choices contribute to the increase in youth violence and teen pregnancy. We will ask adults about the types of opportunities that were available to them when they were teens. Many of these opportunities are not available today. Our goal is for everyone to understand that there are not enough positive activities for youth and if we don’t provide positive alternatives, youth will be lost.

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