Gay Marriage
A Right? Or Wrong?
11 Min, 34 Sec

Seniors in Maryann Wolfe’s American government class were studying civil liberties: the right to life, liberty and property. They discussed issues of free speech, free press, freedom of religion, abortion rights, privacy rights and the freedom to marry whomever you want.

Students often have different perspectives on issues being explored in the classroom. Despite these differences, they joined together as a group to investigate the historical context of gay rights and gay marriage.

Excerpt from the students’ concept paper: We feel that the majority of people watching the news don’t get enough information. Most people don’t understand both sides of the gay marriage issue. By presenting interview subjects, a brief history and an in-depth look at all sides, we feel we can better inform the public. Our goal is to clarify presumptions while showing different points of view, not to inspire protests or more gay marriages. We want our audience to continue the dialogue. It is through conversation that information is shared, perspectives are changed and ignorance is often overcome.

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