The Music...
The Message

Historically, music has played an important role as a form of expression and a powerful form of protest in struggles for Social Justice. But what about today? The message now is violent, filled with “bling, bling,” sex and cars. Students from Linda Halpern’s English class at Castlemont High School investigate what has happened to the message in the music.

Student Video Projects
2003 - 2004
CRNN: Civil Rights
News Now
Gay Marriage
A Right? Or Wrong?
Where do you go when
your community crumbles?
The Lost Youth
Unfinished Business
You Free?
Through My Eyes
Truth News
2002 - 2003
Let 'em Learn
Youth Violence
Just Try to Stop Us
2001 - 2002
Capital Offense
Old School New School
The Music, The Message
The Right to Side
Young Sisters on the Street
¡Si Se Puede!
Orixa Music Video